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Break Pal - Fitness at Your Desk Increases Productivity

"5 Minutes of Exercise will get you 15 minutes of Productivity"
                                                                                -Zig Ziglar

Many years ago Zig Ziglar, one of the most successful salesmen ever, made this announcement without any scientific studies or prompting from government agencies. Turns out he was right.

A British study showed an overall productivity boost of 15% for workers who took short exercise breaks at work. Increases included:
  • Ability to manage time demands
  • Ability to manage output demands
  • Mental and interpersonal performance

  • The same study found time management skills, mental performance and ability to meet deadlines improved.

    Retailer L.L. Bean instituted daily, mini-exercise breaks 15 years ago throughout its assembly plant with great results. The breaks were five minutes each, three times a day. At the end of the shift, the company found a 30-minute return on productivity for an investment of 15 minutes of physical activity. "The number of bags and shoes that they do not produce in those 15 minutes they actually get back and then some."

    Break Pal- Fitness at Your Desk Saves on Medical Costs

    According to a study by the Canadian Healthy Workplace Council Companies who invest in "multi-component workplace health promotion programs" enjoy an average reduction in sick leaves, health plan costs, workers' compensation claims and disability costs of more than 25 per cent.

    Researchers found that participants who actually exercised 8 or more times a month, saved up for $40 per month in medical claims. ("Exercise Incentive Study Appears As Clubs Push For Tax Bills," Life Health/Financial Services Edition, May 2014).
    In addition:
    Those who exercised at least 8 times per month spent 9.2% less than matched controls spent on prescription drugs, 13% less on physician claims and 64% less on facility claims, Medical researchers report. The new regular exercisers were about 30% less likely to enter the hospital as inpatients, and they were only half as likely to go to the emergency room.

    Employees who workout at least 8 times per week can save about $40 per month in health care costs.

    Investing in an at work fitness program such as Break Pal can result in the following benefits to your company.

    Increased Productivity

    8 Hour Workday x 15% productivity increase = 72 minutes additional productivity

    8 Breaks of 3 minutes = 24 minutes used exercising

    72 minutes - 24 minutes =

    48 minute net increase in productivity per day


    25% Health Care Related Savings

    Implementation is Easy Yes it's really that simple. Get more productive, happier, healthier employees by getting them set up with Break Pal - Fitness at your desk at under $10 per month per employee.

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